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One of the best examples for Christian teamwork comes from 1st Corinthians 12. Paul tells us that we are all part of one body in Christ.  No matter where we came from or what we did before we became Christians we are now one in the body of Christ.  This is true in two ways.  First, all Christians being bound together.  Then in our personal church communities being bound together.

As we come together and begin to work with people from different backgrounds, we see that we are not all created the same.  Some of us are hard chargers and always out in front of the crowd saying follow me.  Some are quiet and reserved and willing to work as long as we are not seen.  But the dynamics don’t stop there.  Those who lead are good at many things and those who work behind the scenes are good at as many things.  It is from this fact that we get people who feel left out or those of us who lead believing that everyone is able to do exactly what we do.

So how do we overcome these conflicts of gifts and talents?

First,we need to realize that we don’t all have the same gifts. Paul tells us in 1st Corinthians 12:1-11 that we all have different gifts and they will be used in different ways.  If you are an athlete you should not assume everyone else is.  If you can sing you should not think everyone needs to be in the choir.  When we realize that everyone is given different talents and gifts we will begin to work together better.

Second, we have to understand that we are all created different. God has not made each of us the same.  In verses 12-13 Paul tells us that we have all come from different backgrounds and nationalities.  this means we will all have different value systems.  Newer Christians should be treated with greater respect because they do not know many times what they are saying or doing is not acceptable to the group.  Coach them in a setting away from the group not on the spot.

Finally, don’t complain and give up. Verses 14-26 deals with those who are complaining and giving up on the project.   First we see those that are not getting enough attention and decide they want to quit.  We are all in this together and not everyone will get the same amount of praise.  Second we see people who are ridiculing others.  This is not what we need in Christian settings.  When you or someone on your team decides he or she is more important remind that person that we should rejoice with those who are honored and suffer with those in need.  The body must stick together to carry out Gods task.

Verse 27 to the end lets us know that there is a hierarchy in the church and the leaders are to be respected.  When a leader falls they should not lead, but until that time it is not the Christians part to complain only work for the Glory of God.

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  1. Steve, your advice in recognizing differences is good council. Thanks for the article and your insight.