Celebrating Lent As An Evangelical

Celebrating Lent as an Evangelical can be awkward but also eye-opening.  It can be awkward because most of the people you know will think you are weird or trying to earn God’s favor.  It can be eye-opening because you can learn what really has a hold on your life, and how far you are from putting Christ first.

My family observed lent for the first time in 2008.  We gave up television and video games and spent much more time praying and studying the bible together. We fast for six days taking Saturday or Sunday off because there are actually 46 days in the seven weeks from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

Wikipedia says,

Lent in the Western Christian tradition, is the period of the liturgical year leading up to Easter. The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer — through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial — for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events linked to the Passion of Christ and culminates in Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Conventionally, it is described as being forty days long, though different denominations calculate the forty days differently. The forty days represent the time that, according to the Bible, Jesus spent in the desert before the beginning of his public ministry, where he endured temptation by Satan.

Why Celebrate Lent?

While it is not required that we celebrate Lent as Christians, and yes we can take forty days and fast any time we want.  For me doing it during this time helps prepare for Easter and the celebration of Christ rising again.  For many of us abstaining from anything could be a big breakthrough in our faith because we over indulge so much in American Christian society.

What Do You Need To Do?

The simplest answer is find something that has become a habit at least or a sin at worst in your life and give it up (fast from it) for the weeks between Ash Wednesday and Holy Week (February 22nd – April 7th 2012).  Use the time you would have spent eating, watching television, or playing video games to get closer to God through prayer and bible study.

Don’t make it a law.  We like the idea of taking one day off because it helps put what we are doing in perspective.  We are not doing it to earn God’s favor, but to use the time we would spend doing other things to get closer in our relationship with Jesus.

I hopes this helps, and If you do Celebrate Lent and an Evangelical leave a message in the comments below

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