5 Ways To Eliminate Distractions

If you leave your house every day you know what distractions can come at you.  Getting in the car is the biggest distraction most of us face.  We also may have a boss that texts us, then emails, then finally calls to see if we got the text all within 1 minute.  There is also the guy that wants to swing by your office every thirty minutes just to say hi or talk sports.   Over the years I have tried to eliminate most major distractions in my life all of which seem to crop back up from time to time.

Learn To Manage Your Time. I use Focus Booster to help compartmentalize time into 25 minute blocks.  Built around the Pomodoro Technique focus booster help you see time for what it really is, a tool.  After working for 25 minutes you take a five-minute break and after every 4 pomodoros you take a long 10 – 15 minute break.

Turn Of  All Social Network Alerts.  This is one of the most time-consuming things people do in our culture.  Stay off of social networks unless it is your job to be on them.  If you have Tweetdeck, HootSuite or any other social network platform turn off the alerts.  You don’t need to know everything all the time.

Don’t Turn On Your Browser. Let’s face it, we are all on the computer for work and play more than we really need to be.  I write, obviously because you are reading what I am writing, when I write I use Microsoft’s Live Writer.  It connects to my blog so I can write offline and send it to my blog without having to get on the internet at all.  There are dozens of tools you can use to do most tasks without getting on the internet at all.  Yes a computer can do more things than surf the internet.

Sticking with our theme, Keep Your Email Program Closed.  No you don’t have to check you email every five minutes.  It’s time some one stood up to say, don’t expect people to email you back instantly.  I will get back to you and your time is not more important than mine.

Turn Your Phone Off.  There is nothing more rude than you checking you text messages while I am trying to talk to you.  Turn it off and leave it off.  Five years ago we could live without our phones, if you can’t do it now you may have a problem.  There is no one that is so important they must have a phone on 24/7. (Mr. President you are included, turn it off and spend time with the wife and kids.  You have my permission.)

These are just a few ways you can eliminate distractions in your life.  Stepcase Lifehack has a list of apps to help eliminate distractions.  Wise Bread gives us 6 areas we can get rid of distractions in.

Take time and think of the little things that eat away at your time each day.

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