Christian Discipleship and Leadership

I am first and foremost a Disciple of Jesus Christ. I am a husband, and father of two.  I write and speak on Christian discipleship and leadership. I was born in Arkansas, but have called Florida home since 1993 when I came here with the NAVY.

I graduated from Liberty University with a degree religion and have been speaking and writing about Christian discipleship and leadership since 2007

Pinnacle Balance has become a personal discipleship journey.  It is filled with stories, teaching, humor, love, and Christ.  It is not a how-to, this is the only way to get close to Jesus, website.  It is, mine and my families journey to walk with Jesus and hopefully help others along the way.

Like many people I have become disillusioned with the greater established church, the teaching of prosperity, and the business like leadership styles many pastors use today. What I do love is my local church community, the Godly friends I have, the conversion experience of new believers, and the growth the Holy Spirit brings.  I am personally learning to begin with love and respect in everything I do and try to glorify God and not myself.

When John the Baptist said, “He must increase and I must decrease” he knew that Jesus must come first in everything we do.  I want to love first, because I was loved first.  I want to forgive first because I was forgiven first.  I want to draw close to God through the Holy Spirit because I know that is the only way to really live.

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About The Featured Image

It is a picture of my families feet taken Christmas 2009 on Jacksonville Beach. I use it to remind me that discipleship starts at home. Paul tells Timothy that if a man can’t take care of his household, he should not be a leader. This reminds me to take care of my household first.