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How to Find the Golf Clubs that Suit You

Searching for golf clubs that suit you is a lot like finding the right shoes. Not every option fits you. Some look more innovative and stylish than others, but they come at a higher price. You have to take into consideration the use as well. Having the equipment that matches you well could help you play better and enjoy the sport further. Just like you shoe-shopping, you can also have a golf club custom-fitted for you. It seems awesome but before you search for fitters, you should know that these are more expensive than the prefabricated clubs offered at most golf supply stores likeRockbottomgolf. A tailor-made golf club is also impractical for someone who just started playing the sport.

At Rockbottomgolf, you can browse a plethora of golf club options. Are you left-handed? You can get club sets made for lefties at the site. There are also separate sections for the ladies and kids. Some clubs are optimized for the ladies due to their slower swing speed. Nevertheless, they can still play with the usual clubs if they want to. Their clubs weigh less than the usual ones. The same thing goes for clubs made for kids. Aside from weighing less, the clubs are also shorter. In addition to gender, hand orientation and age group, below are other things you need to consider when shopping for golf clubs to ensure that you get the most suitable ones at rockbottomgolf.com.

1. Be honest with your experience level.

Golf ClubsIt’s so easy to get smitten by advanced-looking clubs as well as discounted sets. But more often than not, these offers are not good selections for newbies. Impulsive shopping for golf equipment will not do you any good. Instead of purchasing based on looks and prices, shop around according to your skills or experience level.  If you are just starting out, a basic set with 5 or more golf clubs will be a good option for you. The beginner club set usually includes a putter, 2 or more irons, and 2 or more woods. With this set, you can already try different shots.

For those who are already good (but not as good as the pros), it’s best to opt for the more complete sets. A complete golf club set features 12 to 14 clubs. Aside from the basic trio of putters, irons and woods, a complete set includes wedges and fairway woods.

2. Know you swing speed.

Nowadays, you can easily avail of gadgets that can measure your swing speed. Knowing your swing speed can determine the best weight of clubs for you. As implied earlier, a special set of clubs are available for the ladies who generally have slower swing speed. However, not all of those who have slower swing speeds are women. Some are elderly men, actually. There are also young ones who are just starting. For those who have slower swing speeds, the best options are woods made from graphite and/or titanium. These clubs are easier to swing than other kinds of clubs.

On the other hand, those who have a higher swing speed can take advantage of stainless steel woods. These are smaller yet heavier than the ones meant for golfers with slower swing speeds. These clubs also cost less yet last longer than lightweight woods. However, they are not easy to maneuver due to their weight.

3. Take into consideration the course where you are going to play.

Different golf clubs are meant for different setups as well. You should have a handful of irons if you want to play in various parts of a golf course. Irons are known for their versatility unlike woods which are just limited to long-distance shots and teeing. Wedges are one classification of irons. Wedges are further categorized into four groups namely sand wedges, gap wedges, lob wedges, and pitching wedges.

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As the name suggests, sand wedges are meant for striking golf balls stuck in sand. Hitting in the sand is quite tricky because the golf ball could be buried a little. That is why a special gold club is created to make it possible to dig balls without affecting the scores of a player.

Gap wedges and lob wedges are both used for short-distance shots. Pitching wedges are made for long-distance shots.

4. Determine your ideal shaft length.

If you are shopping for premade golf clubs, you have no choice but go with the predetermined sizes. The edge of custom-fitted clubs is that your ideal shaft length will be prioritized. Nevertheless, you can find clubs of different lengths at rockbottomgolf.com.